K&P Scientific consulting
I am a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry and academic research laboratories.

In 2013, I joined K&P Scientific LLC, a Kansas City headquartered consultancy firm, as a freelancing consultant.
K&P Scientific LLC offers scientific consulting services and grant and manuscript editing services.
Areas of expertise
Disease area:

– Pathophysiology and drug discovery for migraine;
– Pathophysiology and drug discovery for cerebellar ataxias;
– Pathophysiology and drug discovery for schizophrenia;
– Drug discovery and biomarker identification for ocular disorders;

Specialized applications and techniques:

– High resolution, live cell confocal imaging;
– Quantitative molecular biology methods, incl. qPCR;
– Implementation of high-throughput screening for small laboratories;
– in vivo behavioral and molecular analysis;
– All aspects of immunobiology.

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