Public Talks

  • Neuregulin-1 application reduces Phencyclidine-induced neurotransmitter level alterations in freely moving adult mice. Biennial Australasian Schizophrenia Conference 2013, Melbourne, Australia (14th May 2013)
  • The alteration of PCP-induced behavioural changes by Neuregulin-1 – potential implications for Schizophrenia. Kioloa Neuroscience Colloquium 2012, Australian National University, Kioloa, Australia (11th March 2012)
  • The Effect of Intracerebral Neuregulin-1 Application on PCP-Induced Hyperlocomotion – Potential Implications for Schizophrenia. Australian Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting 2012, Program No. ORAL-09-07; Gold Coast, Australia (31st January 2012)

Poster Presentations

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