Teaching Experience

My teaching focuses on the central nervous system, covering everything from cell-to-cell interactions over neuronal network activity to behavioral consequences and disease impact on CNS functions.

  • Biological Psychology (University of Wollongong 2012-2014 and Australian College of Applied Psychology 2013 at 2nd and 3rd year level)
    • Neuroanatomy (Peripheral & Central nervous system)
    • Neurodevelopment
    • Neurophysiology (from single cells to network activity and in vivo monitoring techniques)
    • Sensory systems (Visual, auditory and olfactory systems)
    • Psychopharmacology (Antipsychotics, antidepressents, placebo effect)
    • Damage to the CNS (brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders)
  • Biotechnology (University of Wollongong 2015 at 3rd year level)
    • Whole organism biotechnology – studying nervous system functions in vivo in rodents and primates

I am happy to give guest lectures on these subjects or my research topics and to share teaching material with interested students & lecturers.


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