Blog: Use Evernote web clipper to store websites in onenote

Evernote’s web clipper saves copies of websites in your Evernote notebook, while the OneNote web clipper only stores screenshots. By using IFTTT, you can get the best of both worlds: a fully editable website copy stored in your OneNote notebook with a single action.

Onenote-Evernote clipper

I recently showed you how to get PubMed abstracts, newsfeed content and emails into OneNote. Here I go step-by-step through the setup of saving a website into your OneNote notebook, instead of the very limited screenshot created by the actual onenote web clipper (or email link).


  • Create a OneNote account
  • Create a Evernote account (the free option is good enough for this)
  • IFTTT account (the free option is good enough for this)
  • Install the Evernote web clipper in your browser or on your mobile phone

The Setup:

  • Decide on where to store your website in OneNote. I created a new section within my default notebook called “evernote” to keep it simple.
  • Create a new notebook in Evernote to store your website in. Again, I called mine “onenote” for simplicity.
  • Now head over to the IFTTT website and under “Channels”, select Evernote and follow the “Connect Channel” process to link IFTTT with Evernote image
  • Repeat the same process for OneNote, connecting the OneNote channel with IFTTT
  • Now head over to the “My Recipe” section and create a Recipe
    • Choose Evernote as your trigger channel and “New note in a notebook” as your trigger action
    • Now pick the Evernote notebook you created earlier where your website copies will be saved in and create the trigger
    • Choose OneNote as your action channel image and “Create a page” as your action
    • In step 6 of this IFTTT Recipe, enter your onenote notebook name (or leave blank for the default notebook) and specify which section the new page should be saved in. image
    • The title and content (body) of the new note will automatically contain the details from the original website, unless you’d like to add specific text to it. image
    • Final step: give your recipe a title and you are done!

Now every time you add a website (or other note) to your dedicated Evernote notebook, it will be copied within minutes to your OneNote notebook!

I use this method to capture the web version of journal articles for comments & highlights as well as learning & teaching material for future use. Now each entry has all the text, fully functional links and the original pictures in it, with no more additional copy & paste necessary.

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